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LUNA Mono - Pittards Leather
LUNA Mono - Pittards Leather

LUNA Mono - Pittards Leather

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The Mono [Moh-No] (means Monkey in Spanish) is the everything-everywhere sandal. Whether you are hiking, traveling, lounging, camping, running, or anything else-ing, this is your go-to footwear. As with most LUNAs, the Mono quickly molds to your foot with wear and becomes "your" sandal.

The Mono with Pittards Leather is made up of a super light, moldable Vibram® USA sole made in Massachusetts combined with the Pittards High Performance goat leather footbed. The protective, lightweight sole allows for a wide variety of uses from casual wear to trail running, while the overall thickness means the ankle holes can be countersunk to reduce wear on the laces

This sandal turns the urban concrete world into hard-packed clay playground. 


Made in Seattle, USA.
Weight: 4.6 oz (single sandal, men's size 9, either laces)
Thickness: 12mm
Sole: Vibram® USA
Footbed: Tan Pittards
Laces:  LUNA Lifestyle Laces

Size Chart

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21.9 - 22.2 4 6 9.2 Printer-icon
22.7 - 23 5 7 9.6 Printer-icon
23.6 - 23.9 6 8 10 Printer-icon
24.4 - 24.7 7 9 10.4 Printer-icon
25.3 - 25.6 8 10 10.7 Printer-icon
26.1 - 26.4 9 11 11 Printer-icon
26.9 - 27.3 10 12 11.35 Printer-icon
27.8 - 28.1 11 13 11.7 Printer-icon
28.6 - 29.0 12 14 12 Printer-icon