Vegan vs Vegetarian

Over the years, we have seen many new diet trends that people are trying out to keep a healthy and fit body. The list of diet plans just gets longer as well as the string of debates. Different dietitians have varying viewpoints about each diet plan and it is hard to determine the best diet plan, only your body knows best.

Two popular diets that people usually have misconceptions about are vegan diet and vegetarian diet. Although they may sound similar, both of them are completely different.

Nutritionist Nancy from Goli Nutrition provides some insights with regards to the vegan diet.

1. Difference between vegan vs vegetarian- Vegetarians incorporate some animal products in their diet, but vegans do not.

2. Benefits of a vegan diet- It helps you to consume less saturated fat and sodium and lower your risk of some developing chronic diseases.

3. Concerns to consider a vegan diet- There are nutrients that vegans will need to make sure that they get enough of, including calcium, Vitamin B12 and zinc.

Did you know that Vitamin B12 can be found in Goli Nutrition gummies? The gummies are certified vegan. That means they do not contain animal products and no animals were harmed or used during the process of producing the gummies.

Start adopting a vegan diet today!