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About Us

ITAI SPORTS is a wholesaler and distributor in Singapore founded in 2015. We primarily offer sports, recovery and orthopaedic support products. Our aim is to help our clients enhance their recovery process as well as improving their performance by providing the ease of finding these products. Through our personal experiences with various types of sports injuries and the difficulties of finding a provider to solve these injury problems, we decided to pride ourselves as a one-stop specialist to solve these issues.

Extensive research and testing have been done before we sell our products as we are truly committed to only provide premium quality products that will greatly assist your training and recovery, all at reasonable prices.

Through our commitment, we are continually expanding our product range to cater to every individual’s needs. Today, ITAI SPORTS is the leading one-stop provider for sports, recovery and orthopaedic products. We constantly welcome your feedback and we ensure that it is being taken into consideration. 


To encourage an active lifestyle through providing premium quality sports equipment for your sports and recovery needs.