Angles90 (2 grips + 2 straps)

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Activate New Fibres

By changing your grip positions with Angles90, you’re biomechanically doing a new exercise. This activates new muscle fibres. For example, adding a rotated grip empowers your lats to achieve a better squeeze/ contraction.

Increase Range of Motion

Don't let static bars or grips restrain you. With Angles90, you expand the range of motion of any pull movement. In lat pull-downs and rows, you extend the length of the pull. With pull-ups, your lats experience a more intense stretch.

Get Mind-Muscle Connection

Because of the more natural pull motions, you can feel your back and each movement more accurately. At the same time, your arms get deloaded as you unconsciously choose the micro-movements that hit your target muscle the most.


Use Natural Movements

Angles90 is specifically designed to follow your biological path of motion. In contrast, a horizontal bar forces your shoulders and wrists to leave their natural position, thus, move unnaturally.

Protect Rotator Cuffs

By using a rotating grip, inner muscles like the rotator cuffs get involved more. This counteracts one of the most common gym-related sources of shoulder pain as you re-build the right balance between inner and outer (shoulder) muscles.

Grab Ergonomic Handles

Angles90 handles imitate the angles of your closed hand. This lowers stress on pressure points of the typical round bar/ handle. There are three options (ergo, power and forearm option) on how to grab Angles90.


Improve Stabilization

In essence, Angles90 is a grip that moves on a three-dimensional scale while you exercise. This makes your stabilizer muscles work permanently in order to keep your exercise motions steady and smooth.

Do 100+ New Exercises

Pull-exercises can not only be performed in the neutral- or rotating grip. You can actually also decide on which grip width to use them. Moreover, you can freely apply the ergo, power or forearm method for every chosen grip angle.

Try the A90 Carabiner

The A90Carabiner allows you to stimulate back and shoulders with a whole new set of functional exercises – no bars or machines needed. Besides the new movements itself, the type of required muscle tension also changes.