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The Zensah Compression Wrist Support Sleeve helps to relieve wrist pain and discomfort. It is perfect for athletes or anyone who suffers from pain due to repetitive motion, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist tendonitis. Sold as a single unit - i.e. one sleeve per purchase. It is also interchangeable between hands. 

Size Chart


Wrist Circumference below the bone


5" - 6"


6" - 7"


7" - 8"


Key Features and Specs

  • Relieve wrist pain, carpal tunnel, and wrist tendonitis
  • Advanced+ compression technology
  • Full range of motion
  • Ultra-comfortable Zensah Fabric
  • Use for Sports
  • Sold as a single unit

About the Product

The Zensah Compression Wrist Support features Advanced +Compression™ Technology - fold bottom cuff over double lines for extra compression to help relieve wrist tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other wrist related pain. The fabric is moisture wicking and odor preventing. It features extremely soft Zensah fabric and is able to be worn all day. The compression technology supports muscles to relieve stiffness and soreness.

Unlike traditional wrist braces, the Zensah Compression Wrist Support is lightweight and provides a full range of motion. The hole for the thumb ensure the wrist sleeve stays in place.


  • 60% Nylon / 40% Spandex
  • Made in the USA